So here I sit, two weeks before going back to work after my maternity leave and completely dreading the thought.  I have been home for 4 months with our daughter, Saige, who is our 2nd, and loving every moment.  Not that I was ok with going back to work after our son, Ryder was born, but this time around it seems a bit different.  Now we have two little ones and time is even more precious.  So this is why I am here starting this blog.  I have given myself 7 months to figure out a way to stay home with the kids.  The reason I have chosen 7 months is because my husband will be home on the 3 days a week I am at work and this will last until July. 

ryders quiltshirtoil cloth bag

I have been sewing for myself and my family for years.  There must be something about having children that turns up that creativity knob, because I have been bursting with creative juices ever since Ryder was born (3 1/2 years ago).  Maybe it’s all of the colorful baby items, or the imaginative play and thoughts that little ones have but something has rubbed off on me and I am thrilled to be experiencing this.  About a year or so ago I realized how tired I was of seeing only football or baseball images on boys shirts so I started to make my own t-shirts for kids.  I was able to get to one craft/art fair and received great feedback.  Shortly after I found out I was pregnant and then everything seemed to halt (I didn’t feel so great for the first 3 – 4 months- nausea, tired, etc.).  I sold about 1/2 of my inventory (which I was pleased about for my first endeavor) and I would like to get that other 1/2 out there again (and then some) and try to make a go of it.  I’m not looking to be the next Martha Stewart, I just want to create items that I love for others to enjoy and at the same time allowing me to be home with my children. I love creating for my family and friends and would love to share with others.

That brings me to the point I’m at……. there’s got to be more…… more to life than working to pay the bills…….working for someone elses bottom line…… I want to focus on my bottom line….. my family.  

” What is home without a mother?”
— Alice Hawthorne