You are probably wondering what I’m talking about, soapy milk?  Well, for those of you who have nursed their children or are currently nursing you may have experienced this- your milk having a soapy smell and aftertaste.  This happened with Ryder too, we just figured the milk had gone bad.  But when it started happening again with Saige- I knew that all these bags of milk we were throwing away couldn’ all be bad- but Saige wanted no part of drinking it (and neither would I, after having tasted it- yuck!). 

So of course the next step was good old Google.  Doug Googled it and what we found was that some women produce too much lipase (which is good for the baby and your milk when it’s fresh) but soon after your milk is expressed it starts to break down the fat quickly – changing the taste of the milk.  It doesn’t make the milk go bad- it just tastes bad.  Well I’m not going to force soapy tasting milk on Saige- so the article I read said to scald the milk and then try storing.  So now we are scalding the milk once I get home from work and then freezing. 

Let’s hope this works.  There always seems to be an extra step in everything I do.  Oh well, I’m just thankful that there is a possible solution- because there is no way I am going to stop nursing.  I’ll let you know if this works.