This was the first “official” valentines day for Ryder.  I say this because it’s his first valentines day at school and you know how it was back when we were little- everyone gave each other little valentine cards and those little heart candies.  I normally don’t get too into Valentines day but this year I thought it would be fun because Ryder, now, has classmates.  Now the question is what to do?…… Everything at the store is Made in China and I just couldn’t bring myself to giving out gifts that could potentially (most likely) contain lead or any other toxic substance and would be on my recall list the next day.  So I found a recipe for homemade play-dough, perfect, the kids could actually eat the entire ball of playdough and not get sick at all.  I thought it would be fun for Ryder to do – so Wednesday morning we got up and started making our play-dough. 

 ryder making playdoughryder stirringpink playdough

 It actually came out good- the purple color came  out a little “mucky” looking but not totally awful. 

playdough balls

Now we had to figure out something to put it in – I looked everywhere for little white bags to decorate (and not made in china- close to impossible).  I ended up buying the old-school brown lunch bags and as I left for work last night I told Doug what my concept for the bags was and he and Ryder did an awesome job! 


 I had bought a package of cheap sponges to cut into shapes for stamping- so Doug took a sponge and cut it into a heart and he and Ryder dipped the heart sponge into red paint and stamped the bags.  I think they look adorable and it was “made with love by Ryder”. 

bags on paradebags in a row

Ryder was so excited to put the balls of play-dough in the bags and bring them to school today for his friends.  Again, he felt that pride of ownership- he made these presents for his friends.

ryder with valentine

For any of you interested in making the play-dough- here’s the recipe (I got it out of Parent’s magazine)

1 C flour

1/2 C salt

2 tsp cream of tarter

1C water

1Tbsp veggie oil

food coloring

combine dry ingredients in pot

combine wet ingredients in bowl

pour wet ingredients into pot of dry ingredients (slowly) while continuing to mix- over medium heat- keep stirring until ball is formed.  Let cool and store in air tight container.

Super easy and fun- and you can make all your own colors