I have had some requests to post daily meals- well I have a difficult time thinking up my own meals sometimes so let’s compromise.  How ’bout weekly meals or ideas that work for my family.  A lot of people have been inquiring about veggies, their children don’t like them and they are having a difficult time figuring out how to make them so they will eat the veggies. 

 Luckily Ryder is a pretty good eater (he has his moments) but for the most part he eats (or at least tries) most veggies.  It might be the fact that he never ate a jar of store bought baby food, I made all of his food from the time he could eat.  The jarred food contains way too much sodium and even the organic stuff I don’t fully trust.  I like to know what went into making the food.  So that may be part of the reason he likes veggies, also we don’t eat meat in our house (we do eat fish) but the majority of our diet is vegetarian.  But even I get stuck in a rut with menu’s and meal planning. 

The other night I made kale risotto and it was fantastic.  I love any kind of risotto- to me it’s kinda like a frittata- a great dish for using up leftovers or those items in your refrigerator that are going to go bad because you haven’t used them yet (but you had to buy at the store because they looked so yummy and beautiful).  So we had a bunch of kale that had not been used yet.  This is a great time of the year for the dark leafy greens and we all know how good they are for you ( I even throw them in the blender when I’m making smoothies- no one can even tell). 

Who can turn down creamy cheesy risotto?  Not even when there are greens in there.  I don’t have a real recipe but I’ll give you the “quick ‘n dirty”…..

dice onion (your preference on quantity)

chop kale (maybe smaller for those of you who have picky eaters it might not be that big of a shock)

dice garlic (if you like- I can’t b/c Saige’s tummy can’t handle it)

saute onions and kale in butter (about 2tbsp or more –  I also add olive oil for flavor)

add garlic and risotto (about 1 cup of risotto will feed 4 as a side)

saute for a few minutes

add white wine (about 1/2 cup)

cook down wine

start adding stock (I obviously use veggie- you can use chicken if you’d like)

if you’ve cooked risotto you know that now comes the standing and stirring portion of our show

you must add stock a little at a time and stir continuously until absorbed and continue adding the stock until you reach desired consistency (sorry I don’t have exacts – I just eyeball- but you can look up a recipe for any risotto- it’s usually about 2/1 ratio- for every cup of rice add 2 cups of stock- or more)

once you reach the desired consistency dump in Parmesan or Romano cheese (I like Romano- it’s a childhood thing- I used to call it “stinky cheese” – Ryder and I like to just eat it in chunks)

and voila there’s your dinner, add a salad and some bread (you can tell I’m a starch girl) and you’re done.

I especially love risotto as leftovers

If you make a lot you can make risotto balls the next day- just ball them up, roll in some bread crumbs and fry in some olive oil in a skillet and you have something different.  Again make a salad to go along with it.

We use to have a problem with Ryder eating salad but I started to add nuts and cranberries and cheese (which I used to be too lazy to do for myself- but it’s funny how you’ll do it for your kids) and now he eats salad (he especially likes the Cesar dressing too- but not too much).  Sometimes I’m amazed at what he’ll eat- some adults don’t even eat what he does. 

I hope you enjoy the risotto as much as we do. 

Visit my blog on Thursday’s and I will have a new dish for you and your family.