This is one of my favorite times of year – the hills turn to this limey/emarald green velvet. I have lived out here for 11 years and still have not gotten used to the brown hills in the summer ( i’m from the chicago area originally and in the summer the grass is green). So that is part of the reason I love this time of year b/c everything is green and coming to life.

The buds are opening revealing the delicate leaves and flowers ready to soak up the sunshine after months of hibernation.

Well today was another perfect day- so we headed out for a hike to a lake. It was a blast to watch Ryder looking for “clues”. He was on a mission of sorts and as we headed up through the forest you could see the sunlight peaking through and Ryder said he was searching for the sunlight and the lake- so that was his mission. I just love to watch his mind at work- his imagination is so vivid and it’s so important to foster that imagination- so we love to play along with him.

Saige was content in her cozy spot- I just love this image of her.

Once we got to the lake we took a little break–Ryder loves to throw sticks and swoosh them through the layer of algae on the lake and Saige was hungry.  We met a darling older couple from Germany- we saw them in the parking lot area- they pulled into the lot in their VW Westfalia- so of course we felt a bit of comraderie (since we have a 1970 VW camper).  So we chatted with them- I just love meeting new people and learning about them.  But it was getting way past lunch so we had to start heading down and head back home (next time we need to bring lunch along).

By the end of the trip Ryder was spent- time to hitch a ride on the Daddy express.