So I was just having the conversation with some co-workers and thought I’d throw it out there and see what others think.  We started talking about this because recently there was a woman and her 3 yr. old that were in the parking lot of a grocery store (at about 6:00p.m- dusk) and a man came up behind them and car jacked them and took them somewhere, assaulted the woman and stabbed her multiple times (with the daughter in the car) and then left.  The woman survived and was able to give a description and they actually caught the bastard (thank goodness). 

So what we were saying is how moms (and dads) are trying to get kids in the car, grocery’s in the back, kids buckled in, etc. and aren’t always paying attention to their surroundings.  But wouldn’t it be nice if stores had special parking for mothers (or fathers) closer to the front?  Doesn’t have to be right next to the door but fairly close.  Obviously handicap parking would be first but designate a few spots for families so that if it’s raining you don’t have as far to run or if it’s later at night you are closer to the well lit store front. You would have to apply for the placard just like you do for the handicap ones and it would only be good until the kids turned 4 or 5.   Obviously it would be luck of the draw when you got to the store, but just knowing that there was that option might be kinda nice.

 Every-time I go shopping I have the kids, it’s rare that I am by myself.  And usually I have Saige in the moby and Ryder either in the shopping cart or holding my hand walking next to me and then bags in the other hand.  Not much I would be able to do to stop some freak.  Or even just for the rain factor- how nice to not be absolutely soaked by the time you get to your car- parked in the back of the parking lot. 

Well, sorry to be a bit of a downer in this blog- but I wanted to see what people thought about this and if my co-workers and I are just off our rockers and were caught up in the moment of the conversation.

Your thoughts?