We have been trying to purchase a pillow for Ryder and have been very unsuccessful.  Now, you are probably wondering “how hard is it to buy a pillow?”  The answer to that is EXTREMELY!!!! We have returned a couple and have turned down multitudes.  We purchased a couple pillows on-line and when we received them and opened the box- we were knocked down by the noxious odor coming out of the box!  They were so toxic smelling – so much that the whole room smelled.  It was hideous!  So, of course those went back.  The same thing continued to happen- every pillow we went to purchase smelled horrific.  I have obviously started to search for “non-toxic” pillows on-line.  They are quite expensive (compared to your standard pillow) but worth every penny if you aren’t putting your head on a toxic dump.  I had never noticed a smell from pillows before- now I should preface that comment with …. I haven’t purchased a new pillow in years.  But after returning those pillows we started to google reviews on them (which we should have done first) and some of the reviews said the people ended up with nose bleeds!!!  What the hell is in those pillows. 

So that brings me to “The Story of Stuff”.  My friend turned me on to this link.  It’s a 20 minute video about the life-cycle of “stuff”.  In there they talk about the toxins in pillows (along with a lot of other items).  It’s a great video clip and I suggest everyone take a look.  It may open up some of your eyes or it may reiterate to others their beliefs all along are right. 

It’s amazing that you can’t just go out to your local store and purchase something that won’t potential poison you.  I’m not sure if this has been going on forever and just now we are more educated to what’s going on or is it just recently that things have gone hay wire.  It’s so important to educate yourself as to what’s going on around you.  You have to protect yourself and your family.  You can no longer assume that what you are purchasing won’t harm you- you almost have to go in thinking “how will this harm me or my family” and work from that statement. 

In the video they talk about the pillows being soaked in a flame retardant chemical and then the comment is “don’t you think we can come up with a better way to keep our heads from starting on fire than by dipping our pillows in chemicals?”  What a true and comical statement.  We aren’t smart enough to keep our heads from starting on fire?  And I don’t know about you, but I would prefer to take the slight chance of my pillow catching fire than breathing in toxic chemicals every night for 8 hours for the lifetime of my pillow! I think my chances of dying from the fire are much smaller than my chance of dying from the chemicals I’m sleeping on.

Something to think about.  Enjoy the video.