The Saturday before Easter we headed out for our first organized Easter Egg Hunt.  It was so much fun- there were so many kids of all different ages.  It was out in the country among the rolling, oak studded hills.  It was a beautiful day.  Ryder had a blast.

We kept walking around thinking we were going to find the “golden” egg but the area was pretty much picked over (since there were so many kids and adults hunting) but we still had fun walking around.  He did find 7- which is plenty- we had two dozen more at home that we were about to color.

This was our first year coloring eggs.  Not sure why we hadn’t in the past but it just never happened. 

As you can see most of the eggs ended up in one bowl together.  Kinda like when he paints…. he starts out picking one color at a time and then before you know it it’s all blended together.  But this did make for some very unique eggs.

Just as with painting- Ryder is a tactile kid- kinda like me (Doug jokes about me having to touch everything).  Ryder was very into putting his hand in the dye and watching his hands change color.  Which I must admit is fun too. 

For his first experience at egg dying, I think they came out great!  They were so cool with all the different colors meshing together- I especially liked the blue ones- they were a mix between Robin’s egg blue and a tiffany box.

Ryder and I worked on an egg tree prior to our guests arriving.  We started by decorating eggs made out of construction paper and then we found a branch in the yard and strung them from it.  I think it turned out great.  This is definitely something we will do every year.  It’s nice to start traditions with the kids and get them involved in the celebration.

 The egg tree is in part to celebrate spring as well as Easter- which go hand in hand.  Maybe next year I’ll start early and try to make some out of fabric too.