What is time? It’s kind of an annoyance to me right now.  Why do we get so wrapped up in time.  What time is it?  What time do you want to meet?  Do I have time to do this or that?  etc, etc, etc.!!! 

With two children, a husband, a cat, a job, the blog, laundry, cleaning, gardening, etc I get so obsessed with time- because there doesn’t seem to be enough of it.  My creative outlet seems to suffer because of this lack of time.  I know it’s all perception – because there’s always a couple minutes here or there to do something creative and fun.  But sometimes I get so wrapped up in “how much time do I have” or “that will take too much time” – when in all actuality if I just would do it and not think about how much time it was going to take I could have accomplished a little more of my project/craft. 

Why do we obsess over time? 

I just purchased Amanda Soule Blake’s book “The Creative Family” in hopes it will ground me again so I can get back to creating and doing so with the family.  So far it’s great.  Amanda is the brains behind www.soulemama.com.  This is a great book to pick up.  Already I feel a sense of calm again and energy to get out there and create again.

I go through these peaks and valleys with my creativity.  I have to consciously remind myself that when I’m stressing over time and not enough of it, that I will eventually move through this period and be fine again.  But it takes a couple weeks of anxiety and then the wave of calm rushes over me again.  Why does this happen to us (or me)? 

So I am back in my calm, grounded state (which is definetly a pleasant place to be).  So I hope to be creating some fun stuff in the next coming weeks.

So if you are anything like me try not to obsess over time- life is to short.

“The timeless in you is aware of life’s timelessness; and knows that yesterday is but today’s memory and tomorrow is today’s dream.”

Kahlil Gibran