So, there is an awful thing occuring right now, there is a shortage of bees and entire colonies are dying.  Scientists are trying to figure out what’s happening.  But in the meantime our earth is suffering- we need honeybees- they are essential. 

At our house- we are not short of these magnificent insects.  I walked over by our bottle brush the other day (they look so great during this time of year- the red brushes are so vibrant).  Anyways, the bushes were humming.  Every bee in Sonoma county was weaving in and out of the brushes, doing what they do best – pollinating.  It was so cool to watch.  I tried to get some good shots but they were moving in and out so quickly it was hard to catch them.  I like this picture with the bee burrowing into the “brush” with it’s backside poking out.

I love to stroll through the garden and listen to the hum of flowers and plants, nature at work.  I know we are doing our part to keep these bees around (and happily fed). 

It is believed that if you have seasonal allergies, you should eat local honey to help keep your allergies under control.  We actually bought some honeybee pollen at the farmer’s market last week and are trying that.  I’ll let you know if it helps. 

    I Like this quote I dislike this quoteMorning is the best of all times in the garden. The sun is not yet hot. Sweet vapors rise from the earth. Night dew clings to the soil and makes plants glisten. Birds call to one another. Bees are already at work.

 William Longgood