This is what my artist friend ( called Ryder’s piece. 

This was the first annual art fair at Ryder’s preschool.  What an incredible display, they removed everything in the classroom and turned it into a gallery with the white screen walls and the art all matted and framed hanging.  It was quite the display.  Ryder only had 2 pieces on display (he started mid year).  But I was happy to see his rendition of seeds coming up out of the garden and turning into flowers- is he truly listening to what we say and learning through our experiences in our yard- or was this encouraged by the teachers?  Not sure which, I’m hoping more through our experiences in our garden but either way I was happy with the results. 

Some of the children had really incredible pieces- definitely gallery worthy.  I’m always amazed at what kids create- they don’t have those preconceived notions of what “art” is or should look like.  They are so imaginative and primitive that it allows them to just create and not think if someone will like it or if it doesn’t look exactly like what someone else did.  It’s all original and they are so proud of their work.

I love the idea of creating an event like this to encourage the children and make a “big deal” out of their creations.  I was thoroughly impressed with all of the children and with Ryder’s school.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. Pablo Picasso