The above statement was made to Ryder one day when we were working on his space puzzle.  We had just completed the puzzle and were talking about all the planets and I pointed to the corner of the puzzle and said “don’t forget that one”.  It was the moon and it had a man in a space suit walking on it so we started to tell Ryder about what the man was doing.  And Doug’s comment was “ya, we can put a man on the moon but we still can’t find a fuel alternative!?” 

Come on guys, what are we doing here!?  It just made me get more angry (especially since regular unleaded now is $4.09 by my house).  We’ve got people floating around in space working on the outside of space stations, we have the “Mars Rover” taking pictures on Mars but we can’t figure out that ethanol isn’t the answer and that we are still sucking on the thick black bubbling oil teat?  We are headed down a path that we will not be able to recover from.   There’s a few people stuffing their pockets while the rest of us wonder how we can change things and make it better, knowing that we can’t continue like this.  The sad thing is that until those oil moguls and others who are getting rich, find a way to make the other alternatives as lucrative, we’ll never see a sustainable, economical fuel alternative. 

I hope my kids will live to see that day.  I hate to sound so synical, but it seems assanine that we are still sucking the teat while we are sending men and women and “Mars Rovers” into space like they are flying to the next state over.

There are solutions, just none that the oil profiteers can continue to exploit and get rich from.  They also like to keep the American public in a state of fear.  If everyone remains fearful then they can continue invading oil rich countries and continue raising the price of gas daily. 

Anyways, this is my rant for the day.  I just want to be able to leave a healthy planet for my children to raise their children on and theirs, and so on- is that so much to ask?  There is hope- I believe- that’s all we can do.

Thanks for listening!