This is what we harvested in one afternoon in the garden last week. 

The basket of lettuce, yielded 3 gallon size ziplock bags full- so salads every day.  I think we are coming to the end of the lettuce, some is bolting due to the heat- we’ll have to pull and replant.  The chard keeps coming.  We sauteed the chard and some onions and added the fresh cilantro and made some yummy quesadillas that evening. 

The season has begun and I’ve been bitten by the bug…… I’ve gotten those first lucscious tastes of fresh veggies from MY garden, and I want more.  My mouth salivates as I envision sinking my teeth into the first warm, sun ripend tomato off the vine, with the juices dripping down my chin…….. ohhhhhh I can’t wait!

I hope all you gardener’s out there are happily harvesting your first fruits and veggies of the season with the anticipation of what’s to come.  Happy eatin’!