To my surprise I found two zucchinis in my garden yesterday. 

2 years ago I planted a couple zucchini plants and had it coming out of “you know where”.  I couldn’t give it away- because everyone else was trying to give theirs away too.  And I think I had done all the zucchini dishes I could think of a couple times and I think Doug was pretty over the zucchini dishes.  So anyways, after that Summer I said, no more zucchini, I’ll just buy it at the farmer’s market or get it from friends that grow it and save that space in the garden for something else.  Well my friend Kendra ( and her husband gave us a couple different plants that they had started and to my surprise one of them was a zucchini apparently.  I forgot that they had given us that plant, I was so happy – thank you Kendra and Scott!  So I was so excited because I remembered there were a couple yummy sounding recipes from Animal, Vegetable Miracle so I went to my (what I refer to now as my bible) book and found the recipe for Disappearing Zucchini Orzo.  Soooo loving that recipe!  Thanks Camile!  If this heat ever lets up I’m going to try the zucchini chocolate chip cookies – I’ll let you know how those turn out.