I’ve been tagged by asonomagarden. I’ve never been tagged before so this is all new to me.  Anyhow, the subject is 6 Random Things about Me. First, here are the rules:

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1.   I worked at Dunkin’ Donuts when I was in high school.  Remember those commercials….”time to make the donuts”  well that was me…. usually a bit hung over (nice right, I was in high school) but nothing a couple fresh, out of the oven, chocolate glazed donut holes and lots of coffee couldn’t cure.  I hope my kids don’t read this when their older!

2.  I was addicted to the Laura Ingles Wilder books when I was little- I think I read all of them.

3.  I won a blue ribbon at state for a Spanish commercial my friend and I put together for a project in Spanish class in high school.  Too bad I can barely order a burrito now- what happend to that part of my brain that held that info?

4.  My first concert was Michael Jackson.  My Dad won tickets on the radio and he and I went (I think I was in 4th or 5th grade).  What a far cry from the Dead shows I graduated to!  But that was when he was cool and before he… (maybe I won’t go down that road)

5.  I started college to be a dietitian and ended up with a degree in fashion merchandising and design.  Let’s just say Organic Chem was not my thing (or at least not at that time b/c if I took it now I probably would do just fine).

6.  my favorite summertime thing to eat is tomato sandwiches.  Just sliced tomatoes on bread with lots of mayonnaise.  I eat those everyday when the tomatoes start coming.

I don’t know why I thought the random things had to be slightly embarassing things- sometimes those are more fun to read and I got a good laugh too.

So I don’t have many blogging friends (since I’m fairly new to this world) so i’m going to tag my dear sister in law.