Saturday we headed to west county, where my boss lives.  I love it out there.  He lives outside of town on @ 2+ acres (this was his grandma’s property before she passed).  And did she love to garden!  So the place is set up with great gardens and a fruit orchard. 


Not only does he have his own little orchard with Gravenstein apples, fuji apples, macintosh apples, peaches, 2 types of plums, bosc pears, Bartlet pears, avocado, pomegranate and lemon tress (phew that was a lot, I hope I didn’t miss anything), he recently purchased a piece of property behind his from his neighbor and down at the bottom of this hill were huge blackberry briars.  It was great!  But it is so untouched down there that it was difficult to get to a lot of the bushes but we managed to get enough to make a couple tarts.  Boy do those thorns hurt!

Another bonus was the vintage tractor he restored.  I think he said it was from 1946 and he painted it cherry red- it’s gorgeous.  He lives down this quaint, quite country lane so Doug took Ryder out on a tractor ride.  Oh, how I wish we lived on a piece of property like this (I’d defintely have my chickens I am longing for if we were out there). 

Another great thing is, the area that he lives is a “no spray” area and has been for as long as his grandmother lived there (which I believe she originally purchased in the 70’s) so we know all the fruit is organic.  Again, it’s just the mindset out there, everybody who lives in this area agree to maintain “no spray” and keep everything organic. 

So we came home with bags of apples, peaches, pears and plums (and a couple lemons). 

Good thing I had Doug with me- otherwise I would have had the whole van full of fruit and been overwhelmed.  Doug is more realistic about what we can do.  If I can all of this and still have energy I might go back for more.  My plans are to make applesauce and apple butter, slice the peaches and pears and can those just like that and make plum jam. 

Tomorrow starts the insanity!  I know I will be so happy come winter when I’m pulling out the fruits of my labor (literally). 

Stay tuned to see the final result.