Meet Milo! 

In case we thought we weren’t busy enough with our 2 children, our jobs, my dreams of starting my own “thing”, and just the day to days, we decided to adopt a puppy.  He is the cutest little guy!  It’s been 10 months since Wanagi passed – which left us devastated and unsure of filling his place.  We knew that we would eventually adopt another dog, we just didn’t know when and we know this new dog wouldn’t replace Wanagi, he would be an addition. 

So I had been addicted to petfinder, it’s a website that has all the adoptable animals across the U.S. – you type in your zip code and it pulls up all the animals in the shelters near you.  It’s really cool.  So we finally found our little man.  There were two guys we were going to look at and we fell for Milo right away. 

He’s definitely a puppy!  He jumps, nips, wets, etc.  But oh, to see Ryder play with him is priceless!  From the moment he wakes to the moment he goes to bed, he always wants Milo right there with him!  To hear the laughter while Milo is chasing him around the yard or biting on his tshirt- it just melts me.  Even Saige digs him.  Milo was asleep on the bean bag and Saige crawled over to him and kept kissing the top of his head and she’ll go up to him and pet him – it’s so cute!

Yes, life has gotten a little more crazy – but it’s well worth it.  We have added a new member to our family.  Even Mo (the kitty) has gotten a little more comfortable with him. 

We’ll see where this new adventure takes us!