Ok, I normally don’t get political on here but this an exception to my rule…. President elect Obama is contemplating putting former Governor Tom Vilsack into the position of Sec. of Agriculture.  Vilsack is a proponent of GMO’s, soy/corn fuel (which is so not the answer!) and a Monsanto supporter.  The future of our food is at stake here.  We still don’t know the reprecussions of using/eating GMO food and personally I don’t want to be a guinea pig, nor do I want my children to be guinea pigs. 

I am a supporter of Obama but I don’t believe he is going in the right direction with Vilsack.  Yes Vilsack is interested in alternative fuels (mainly ethanol – which is not the route to go) but his other ties to the Agribusiness Monster Monsanto and support for GE crops makes him unworthy and unacceptable in my eyes.  Check out this link for the 6 reasons why not to appoint Vilsack.  http://www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_15573.cfm 

Sign the petition on the link below if you are concerned for the future of our food and don’t want to see Vilsack in the position of Secretary of Ag.


If you haven’t already seen the documentary The future of Food you’ve got to check it out, it’s an eye opener. 

I will try to remain non-political on my blog, but this is about our food, and our children eating this food.  I like to support the local grower and know which field our food came from, I definitely don’t want food that has been genetically modified to resist roundup– so the farmer can continue spraying roundup on the fields while never hurting the crop but killing everything else in its wake!  Yum, dish me up a plate of that roundup laden (insert vegetable or fruit of choice) !?

Check out these links above- I promise you will walk away a changed person.

Save our food!

High-tech tomatoes.  Mysterious milk.  Supersquash.  Are we supposed to eat this stuff?  Or is it going to eat us?  ~Annita Manning