Wow, is it dry out!  I forget how miserable I get during this time of year.  My skin is like the Sahara desert with cracks running through the earth!  I get a bit of eczema if I don’t take care of it properly.  I’m not sure what happened to me this year, but I finally realized I am not 21 anymore.  I’m not old either (only 34) but my skin doesn’t act or feel like it used to, maybe it’s the sagging skin in areas and those lines I see around my eyes that I don’t always remember being there.  But I have gotten into a better skin regimen.  While I was having this epiphany my friend Kathy asked if I wanted to host an organic spa party.  Of course, who doesn’t want to get pampered for an afternoon and hang out with their friends while doing it.  So, the party was on.

Kathy brought over the line of products from Miessence.  This company was started by a mother who was tired of being deceived by so called “natural” products that really weren’t natural.  She started doing research and created products using natural ingredients.  She was challenged, then, to make a certified organic product, which she has done.  This product is certified organic to food standards- you can literally eat these products.  That is unheard of!  Have you ever noticed the poison control statements on the back of almost all products (even toothpaste- which we put in our mouths- seems kind of weird). 

As you probably already know, your skin is your largest organ – so why do we put chemicals on it?  I don’t think most of us look at our skin the same way we do our lungs or heart or kidneys.  We would never allow chemicals to touch those organs, but every day people around the world soap up with chemicals, slather on chemicals after their shower, women proceed to paint chemicals all over their face and it goes on and on and on (depending on our level of daily “rituals”). 

Well, if I’m going to put organic ingredients INTO my body then I better be putting organic ingredients ON my body too.  So this has brought me to Miessence products

At our spa party we were able to try a lot of the products, it was heaven!  My skin has never felt so soft before, well maybe at birth!  So a couple of the products that I really fell in love with were the Rejuvenating Moisturizer -this is for “dry/mature skin” – I guess I have old skin.  It smells good and really is very moisturizing but doesn’t leave a “thickness” that some moisturizers can leave.  Your skin, also, doesn’t feel dry immediately after putting it on- you know when you go to put your make up on after you’ve moisturized and your skin feels just as dry as it did BEFORE you moisturized- well that doesn’t happen with this- but you DON’T feel greasy.  It’s pretty perfect!


My next fave is the Tahitian Breeze Deodorant.

Now, I’m just going to be honest with you all… for those of you who know me you’ve heard my saga… I sweat and smell like a 300lb gorilla!  No joke!  I have even gone au naturale (since my theory is you should not have skin on skin contact, that is why you have hair under your arms – well I’m not gonna bore you with my theories) but unfortunately Western Society’s stigma of women with hairy pits got the better of me so I shaved.  But then I found this!  No more stink!  It truly works and you don’t have to use a lot.  Also, another bonus is there is a little patchouli in this scent (which you all know I LOVE my patchouli!)  This stuff can stand up to any sweaty, stinky challenge.

Kathy gave me a sample of the rejuvenating skin conditioner- which you use after you wash your face but before you moisturize.  Wow- it’s like your skin is taking a big drink.  It’s great.  Again, it doesn’t leave your face feeling greasy or oily just hydrated.

I recently tried out the next two products (to see how they controlled my Saharan desert skin) and they held their own.

The first one is a body milk- which was lighter than I normally like- but it withstood my dry skin challenge and kept my skin moisturized (not an once of eczema).

  The second one I liked better… the body cream.  It was obviously thicker since it is a cream- but not that thick, gloppy, can’t rub in, type of cream.  It was delicate but substantial at the same time.  And smelled oh so yummy.

My last fave for my Sahara like body is the Jaffa Lip Balm….

your lips will never feel so soft and supple as they do when you use this. 

Sorry to sound like an advertisement but these products are really great and I love the fact that they are food grade organic.  They have a new baby line, too, which I can’t wait to try out.  I just like to share what works for me since I am always on the lookout for new “safe” products for me and my family.  I hope you find this helpful too.

So now for the fun part… leave a comment on this post and tell me which Miessence product (other than the ones I have mentioned above) you would like to try.  One of you will win a free Jaffa Lip Balm.  I will draw the winner on December 1st.