This weekend was unbelievably warm (in the 60’s and 70’s).  I’m not complaining, because most of my family and friends are buried in the midwest in snow – even though I am a bit jealous- there’s something about the deafening silence after a good snowfall.  And sitting inside watching the snow whirl around outside.  It allows you to slow down and hibernate and recharge.  Yes, I know that I would potentially have to shovel a the driveway, scrape the ice off the windows, trudge through the slush after it starts to melt, etc. but there is something so romantic about snow and the slowing down of life and not feeling guilty for staying inside and enjoying just being. 

Ok, so now that I went off on that tangent, the weather here this weekend was beautiful.  We went to Cornerstone on Saturday to enjoy the beautiful weather.  This place is the best.  It’s about 10 minutes from our house, it’s got a little bit of everything for everyone.   It has all these little garden vignettes, each designed by a different person.  So each is so unique. 


One is like a miniature golf setting (an artistic one),



another has  all these colorful pinwheels (so retro),


one has walls made out of wire frames with rocks in between (it’s so cool – I love the texture of it) and there’s water alongside the wall- which adds a softness to the vignette, I can go on and on. 

It’s a surprise around every corner.  It seems like it is mainly set up for adults, but the kids just love it!  Ryder runs around saying “Wow, look at this, wow follow me, wow check this out!” and on and on!  Then they have wine tasting, stores, food, salvaged stuff-


a giant Adirondack chair greets you as you enter.  It’s so cool.  So that’s where we spent our entire day, exploring each garden, playing in the sand, trying to make a hole in one- it was great!  This is our new favorite spot.

Then today, while I was wishing we were buried in a foot of snow,  we spent part of the afternoon cutting back the garden and winterizing the plants – this is what I’m talking about- you can’t sit inside and say “oh, can’t do that today it’s too cold and snowy out”.  There was no excuse to not get out and do work.  I’m not really complaining because we do have fun while we are out there- but hey it’s January, it’s supposed to be cold out, we need to do a little hibernating around here!

How is your winter shaping up?  What are you doing during these winter months?