Our craft project for the month is pine cone bird feeders.  I’m sure you might remember doing these when you were little, and it’s still just as fun. 

The first part is finding the pine cones.  We are always looking for fun nature items to bring home to put on our table or in our basket.  So for us, we’ve always got pine cones on hand.  So get out there with your little ones and gather up the pine cones and whatever else looks fun.

Now all you need is peanut butter or honey, birdseed and twine.  We tied the twine on all the pine cones leaving a tail long enough to tie to a tree branch.  Now the fun sticky part begins,


slather the pine cone with peanut butter or honey.  Pour the bird seed into a shallow bowl or pan and then roll the peanut butter or honey slathered pine cones into the bird seed and viola! 


You’ve got yummy bird feeders that every bird in your neighborhood will flock to.

So just hang it and sit back and watch those birds come flying …. you might want to get an Audubon book so you and your kids can identify the birds that have come to feed.