I hope you all found the cloth diaper series to be informative and hopefully inspiring.  I would love to hear comments or questions.  If anyone has decided to try cloth diapers I would love to hear that as well. 

As I have said in my previous posts, there are many benefits to cloth diapering, the biggest benefit to us is the fact that we are not contributing to the tons of waste in our landfills.  It’s also nice that we are saving money while helping our environment too. 

I would like to add, this is not an All or Nothing kind of commitment.  By choosing to cloth diaper, you don’t have to do it everyday and night 24/7.  Do what feels comfortable to you.  That’s the great thing about it, if you are feeling totally lazy, grab a disposable- the cloth diapering police aren’t going to write you a citation.  Every little bit counts.  As we found out in our presidential election- every vote counts.  So every cloth diaper you use is one less diaper in the landfill. 

Don’t be intimidated, buy one or two and try them out, see how you like them and I bet you’ll be a convert.

Happy diapering!