Oh, we have been waiting for this day to come and it has finally arrived. It has been raining on and off this past week and today it has poured. Finally! It has been so dry out here that they are talking about mandatory water restrictions. The little town of Bolinas has already been given “rations” on their water usage. We are very conscious about our usage – in fact we have Ryder policing us. The other day I walked out of the bathroom brushing my teeth and he jumped up and said “MOM, do you still have the water running!” Which I didn’t – but I thought that was great!
Anyways, now that the rain is here we are finding ourselves “stuck” inside and looking for things to keep us busy. Well, recently my friend gave me a bucket of blocks that she had purchased for one of her art classes. All I have to say is THANK YOU Debbie! Those have been our lifesaver. Ryder is so into building all differnt kinds of towers, buildings, rocketships, etc., etc, endless possibilities.

I see us spending countless hours building castles, forts, bridges and whatever comes to mind, while we listen to the rain continue to fall and fill our creeks, rivers, lakes and lakes so we might have water to drink this summer.