I have been wanting to make a cape for Ryder for so long.  We usually just use a scarf as a cape – it works just fine- but I thought it would be fun to have his own special cape.  So we had his friends birthday the other day and on the invite they asked for a “thrifted” gift.  I wanted to respect her wishes (plus I love that idea) so we burned a couple of our favorite CD’s and I made a cape out of some fabric I had laying around.  It turned out so cute .  So of course,  I couldn’t get away with making a cape for his friend and not him.  So Ryder finally got his own cape (no more silky flowery scarves – even though those can be fun too!).


Super Ryder to the Rescue!


After a long day of saving his stuffed friends from the jaws of Milo the Madman and from the clutches of the small but powerful Saige the Savage, our superhero hangs up his cape and rests before another day of rescue, adventure and superhero escapades!


Sweet dreams my superRyder- until tomorrow……..