10 minutes from our house is the cutest little place called Train Town. 


It is actually right next to one of the stores of the company I work for.  Before having children I would drive by it and think ” that place looks kinda hokey” , “what kind of rinky dink amusement park is this?”  Well, I was completely mistaken.  After having Ryder everyone kept telling us we need to bring him to Train Town, especially since he was totally into trains when he was 2.  So, we figured let’s go, it’s only 10 minutes away. 

Well, to my amazement it was like a little kids paradise and instantly when we walked in and saw Ryder’s beaming face, my heart just melted.  As soon as you walk in you see the train (on Sunday’s it’s a steam engine) and to your left is a beautiful carousel and airplanes,


to your right are the storage houses for the engines. 


 You hop on the train and take it past waterfalls, through tunnels, over bridges, through redwood groves and arrive at a little town (the perfect size for anyone under the age of 8) and an animal feeding area with a llama, goats and sheep. 


 You can get off the train and feed the animals and check out all the little buildings – most recently the jailhouse was a winner with Ryder and his friend.  Then the Engineer calls “all aboard” and your back on your way to the station. 

On the ride to the animals you pass a couple more rides…. swings, a ferris wheel, a dragon roller coaster and some other ride that spins you around all crazy.  It is sooooooo adorable.  There are ponds with ducks and this last time there were a couple blue herons. 


This has turned into one of our favorite places to go.  How can you beat it, it’s so close to our house and you can spend an hour there and it’s not overwhelming for them at this age.  Definitely they will grow out of it, probably by the time they are 8 or so, but until then, we are going to relish every sweet little moment we have. 

We have to get a bag of popcorn every time before we get on the train- it never makes it through the full train ride.  When I was pregnant with Saige; Doug, Ryder and I would ride the ferris wheel – all sitting together on that little seat.  It was hysterical!  Towards the end it was getting hard to buckle me in, but oh the views from up there are great.  Fun to see our town from a different vantage point.  I haven’t convinced Ryder to go on the dragon roller coaster yet- I can’t wait until he says he’s ready.  It’s just a baby roller coaster but it’ll still be fun.

It’s funny to hear people talking around you and you’ll hear them say they came up from the City or from the East Bay or sometimes even farther.  I guess it’s a bit of a destination, and we have it right in our backyard. 

We had a break from the rain on Saturday so we went there with Ryder’s friend and his mom – and the place was packed! 


We had to wait for the second train and barely made it on that one.  I don’t even remember it being that crowded during the summer- everyone must have been out before the rain started again.

But a good time was had by all.  This was the first time Saige was actually awake and enjoying the ride.  She’s been there before, but usually she was asleep in the moby wrap for most of the visit.  So she enjoyed the train ride. 


 And of course the boys had a blast.  Ryder’s little buddy is so into trains that he knew the engine that pulled our train wasn’t the steamer and he knew how to switch the tracks and everything… it was a crack up.  Too cute!


So, I will admit I was completely wrong, Traintown is the BEST!!!