Day 1:  My Family
Day 2:  My bed (it’s been a week of early mornings with Saige and lots of middle of the night bathroom breaks for Milo- he’s had a tummy problem)
Day 3:  a warm day and good friends
Day 4: The daffodil Ryder picked for me and had in a vase when I got home from work. Oh, my sweet, thoughtful boy – I hope he never changes!

Day 5: A few hours in the cottage sewing and hanging out with Ryder (and working on his first embroidery project)

I have enjoyed ending my day, reflecting on all that happened, and what stuck out.  Not all of my gratitude is going to be inspiring or prophetic but it is very meditative for me and I am happy to share with all of you. 

What are you grateful for?……..