Well, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve written – not that I haven’t wanted to but my computer finally crashed! I have been telling myself for months to backup my computer because I have all of my photos and music on here and I have been noticing my system running really slow.  So finally, I woke up and turned the computer on to start the backup – well – not happening.  I saw the “blue screen of death” – this is what I was told.  Not good.  So needless to say – two weeks later, a 250GB external drive, a new internal hard drive  and a couple $100 we are back in action.  I felt like the sex and the city episode where Carrie gets the “sad Mac” and everyone keeps asking her “didn’t you backup?” and her comment was something along the lines of “apparently all of NY is backing up their computers – I didn’t get the memo”.  That’s how I felt.  Luckily we were able to retrieve all of our photos and music – phew!  That won’t happen again. 

Then while that was going on we headed to Florida to see my in-laws.  Oh, to put on a sundress and have my toes in the white warm sand felt soooooo good!  That warm saltwater air and the gentle lapping of the water on the sand is so relaxing. 




There is such a difference in the beaches on the East Coast vs. the West Coast.  There is no going in the water we we live (well some people do, but it’s freezing and slightly intimidating – rogue waves, wicked undertows, sleeper waves and the all mighty Great White).  So at home I keep my feet on the sand (which is more like small crushed rocks and kinda cold) that has its own beauty. 

We had so much fun playing in the sand and swimming in Grammy and Papa’s pool everyday (Ryder).  We couldn’t keep him out- even when it was pretty chilly in the morning.  Nothing kept him down. 


 We even went for a sail on a Pirate ship!  That was a riot.  Whenever I am there (or pretty much anywhere) I always think “could I live here?”  I try to imagine myself living daily in the location.  I could definitely get used to going to the beach on the weekends and playing in the sand and collecting sea shells with the kids and the layed back attitude is great, but then I always come back to our home – I love where we live.  It’s nice to visit – but also nice to come home – especially to our 4 legged family members.

So, here we are back to Cali and our life.  So in the next couple days I will try to catch up on some past due posts.