I don’t know why it is every year Easter just sneaks up on me.  Maybe it’s because every year it comes at a different time or because recently I’ve had my head going in a million different directions, but anyways, again, sneak attack and then, bam!  Here it is – tomorrow.  And to boot, Ryder got really sick this week and has been out of commission for a couple days.  But when his fever finally broke and we were chillin’ together one day we went Easter craft crazy!  We needed decorations so I had 2 main projects that I’ve been wanting to do (and these would be keepers for next year too – which will make me feel ahead of the game next year!).

So anyways, I’ve been wanting to do blown eggs (either to hang from branches or just to put in a pretty dish- so I got pokin’ and blowin’.  It wasn’t too bad- I wasn’t getting worked up over the hole size- so on a couple tough ones I just made a bigger hole.  After we cleaned them and let them dry it was time to decorate.  This is, obviously, Ryder’s favorite part- he LOVES to mix colors and then we had glitter to add – which is also on the top of his favorites list.  He will try to sprinkle glitter on pretty much anything I will let him.  We were very happy with the results and now we have them all ready for next year.   I thought they looked so nice on this dish I made (I took inspiration from my BFF’s mom- she takes antique china and affixes the dish to an antique crystal candle holder to make these beautiful serving pieces)  Mine isn’t quite top of the line like she does- but I loved the base and I thought the pattern on the dish was sweet. 


Our next project was our Easter Tree.  I was thinking about hanging the blown eggs from the tree branch but I decided to do cut outs of bunnies, chicks, birds and eggs.  I used a piece of poster board (to give it a bit more stability but not too heavy to hang from a branch).  I did the silhouettes free hand but if you don’t feel comfortable doing that you can trace – you can find images in your kids books or magazines or the internet.  I’m not into the images being perfect so I go freehand.  Once I cut out all the silhouettes, it was time for the paint.  Again, when you are having a 4 1/2 year old help you can’t get hung up on perfection – and I personally think Ryder’s turned out better than mine. 


The multi colored bunny in the front was painted by Ryder and is my favorite.  And you can see we added glitter, of course, everything is better when it sparkles! 


We found some branches outside and put in a vase and hung with fishing line.  I think we’ll leave this up past Easter.  It’s really a representation of Spring, fertility and new life. 


And of course we dyed hard boiled eggs- we are going to finish those in the morning (while Doug hides some eggs outside for our hunt). 

We’ve been busy little crafters around here this past week- and it’s been lots of fun. These are traditions I hope we will carry on each year and add to as the kids grow. 

Happy Easter!