We have been spending a lot of time in our yard and garden lately.  It’s that time of year to clean up from the winter, get the garden ready and just enjoying the beautiful weather and being outside in the warm sun. 

There are a couple downfalls – you can see the pollen hanging from our oak tree and there is a yellow haze in the air with all the pollen.  Needless to say we are all riddled with allergies, but that won’t keep us inside.  The other thing (which I don’t mind so much) are the hundreds of inch worms that are hanging on their little threads coming out of the trees. 


Don’t you love those dirty little hands!img_0634

It’s kinda funny, you’ll be standing out there playing and the little buggers are just dropping down – kinda like they are repelling out of the trees- then they’ll be crawling all over you.  Sometimes after I’m inside for an hour I’ll feel one come out from my shirt or something. 

The kids just love these little guys – they go crazy for them.  So we have weeks of entertainment ahead!

What are you finding in your yard?