I’m not usually one for buying box mixes – I’m actually not really into baking (that’s Doug’s thing).  I’ve probably said it before – I like to add a little bit of this and a little bit of that – I’m not really into measuring (which is why I don’t do too much baking).  But when I decide to bake I like to do it from scratch (I guess it’s the challenge- if I’m going to do it I might as well do it 100%).

So with that said, as I was at the store buying last minute eggs for coloring and some little goodies for the kids baskets, I went down the baking aisle and this box caught my eye, barefoot contessa coconut cupcakes.  Every year at Easter my Aunt Millie makes her famous lamb cake and it’s covered in coconut.  I wanted to bring a little of that to our Easter and I’ve been dying to try these (I watched an episode of Barefoot Contessa when she made these and they looked heavenly).  So this was a total impulse buy but I grabbed them off the shelf and threw them into my cart (even though the box mix was $9).  I thought that was steep – I normally would never pay that but I thought I would give it a try.  These better be some phenominal cupcakes!

While I was at work Doug and Ryder mixed them up and baked them.  That evening Ryder and I frosted and sprinkled our coconut and then I took the first bite – and OH YA those were worth $9 FOR SURE! 


What’s better than a good glass of Cab with your cupcakes, actually with anything!


These are seriously some of the yummiest cupcakes.  You definitely have to like coconut because it is used in the mix and sprinkled on top. 

I think I will try these out from scratch the next time around.  These are really rich and decadent but every once and awhile it’s ok – right?