One day I was waiting for Saige to wake up from a nap and Ryder was resting too, I hoped on the net and went to one of my favorite places to go  I love to browse and drool over all the books I would like to order.  I’m so into books, I love the smell, the feel, I love having books in our house – there’s something very comforting about books.  I do love going to the library and getting books – especially with the kids.  We have a basket next to our couch that we keep stocked with books of the week/month or season and we’ll read those until we can’t read them anymore and then we rotate.  But I have this weakness for buying books. 

So back to my moment of weakness during nap time.  Ryder received Mother Earth and Her Children for a present from his best bud Jack and his family and we just love this book. 


So I was looking for more books by Sibylle Von Olfers and found the mother load on Amazon (of course).  I would like to say that I normally like to buy our books from the local bookstore but again this was a moment of weakness and I was needing some instant gratification (ugh!).  Since we are in Spring (and I needed to limit myself on the amount I could purchase) I bought The Story of the Wind Children and The Story of the Butterfly Children.  These both seemed to be the most “springlike” ones  (I’ve got a list of others for the other seasons).  Oh, they are just the sweetest.  We’ve been reading them every night since we got them.  They are so whimsical and seem to really encourage imagination and whimsy. 

As most of you (who have purchased things on Amazon) know, they have that lovely little section that list “Customers who bought this item also bought…..” which turns you on to many other items of interest.  So then I was turned on to Elsa Beskow and The Children of the Forest so I had to purchase that too. 




We are so pleased with our new purchases and I know that these will be books that the kids will remember and read to their kids.  I have books like this from my childhood – Tasha Tudor – oh, I just LOVE those books and now I am reading them to Ryder and Saige.  And it melts my heart when Ryder says “I want to read Tasha Tudor, that’s one of my favorites”. 

What are some of your families favorites?  Do you have any special books from your childhood that you are now sharing with your kids?