The tomatoes have arrived! 


 I was walking through the Friday Farmer’s Market and chatting with my friend, when out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of beautiful red and orange plump balls.  Could it be?  I yelled out TOMATOES!  My friend looked, and hidden behind a crowd of people were the first tomatoes of the season, California, field grown and vine ripened – organic tomatoes.  My friend could not believe I had spotted them.  I have a sixth sense for those juicy, plump lovelies.  I have not eaten/purchased a tomato since last season.  A fellow market gower overheard me say that to my friend and she couldn’t believe her ears, “you haven’t bought or eaten a tomato since last season?”  My reply was “nope, why bother.”  I have found I have been disappointed in the past when I have purchased a tomato “out of season”, they are mealy, tasteless and just plain ole’ yucky.  Why waste my money on that.

So for lunch today I was so excited to eat my first tomato and cheese sandwich with Mayo (my staple during tomato season).  Oh, the juice running down my chin and hands – LOVE IT!


I can’t wait to get home and slice some and drizzle a little olive oil on them or just a dash of salt – I’m making my mouth water right now thinking about it. 

What have you found at your farmer’s market that you are stoked about?