Since Ryder was 2 I have been wanting to make a maypole and invite other families over to dance under/around it and make flower wreaths and garland, play music, make may day baskets, drink and be merry.  Well, it’s never happend.  For one reason or another May 1 comes upon us and quickly leaves and nothing happens – no maypole, no dancing, no nothing.  Until this year!

At school, Ryder made a mini maypole and I commented to Teacher Kathleen “oh, I’ve been wanting to make a maypole forever” and her comment was “you should talk to Teacher Joyce (Kathleen’s mom – whose a really groovy lady) she’d love to do one.”  Well, that’s all I needed to hear.  So we all decided to make one for the graduation. 

Doug and I worked on it the night before graduation. 


I had wanted to use fresh greenery and flowers but in the end it just didnt’ work out that way. 


But I was thrilled with how it turned out.  We did incorporate some fresh flowers (courtesy of Oak Hill Farm) and our friend Krissy.


  Now we can use it year after year.  ( I may have to borrow the pole from the school and have a little May Day party at our house finally!)

The kids had a bit of trouble with it – I think they wanted to do a little more tugging than dancing – but they still had fun ( I think?) and it was totally cute!


Thank you Moldovanfor always being open to my hair brain ideas/visions! 

Oh, and to top it all off, they dedicated the garden to us and made a sign over it “The Calhoun Family Garden”  – we’ve been memorialized!  I’m humbled!