I do not know what is happening with the bugs this year but they are devouring our plants.  We have a lovely little strawberry patch that has treated us well for a few years now.  Of course there are always some we lose to the bugs- it’s inevitable, but this year it seems they are cleaning up our patch.  Every strawberry we go to pick has something eating it on the other side.  It’s very frustrating. 

 I have our bug patrol on it and it’s still not helping (the bug patrol are Doug and Ryder).  They make “Bug Juice” and set out traps.  And those traps are full.  (sorry for the yucky images to come)




The “bug juice” consists of canola/veggie oil and soy sauce – it is FABULOUS!  We used to do beer in a cat food or tuna can but beer evaporates too quickly AND who wants to waste beer!  In our house that’s blasphemy.  Plus at the cost of the beer we like to drink – WAY TOO expensive to be using to catch bugs.

 Anyways – we’ve lost a couple veggie starts also to the little buggers.  Our raised beds seem to be unharmed, but anything that has been planted throughout the rest of the garden is taking a beating.


 (our lettuce is thriving)

Ryder is upset about the roly poly’s that are falling victim to the bug juice so we need to empty the contents of the containers without him.  He LOVES his roly poly friends!

 I have tried to be more Zen about the snails – if I do find them sludging around the garden, I pick them up and put them in our green waste bin.  That way – once they leave our property – I have nothing to do with what happens next (even though technically I do since I put them in there) but I feel a bit more Buddhist about not harming them.  But whoever falls victim to our bug juice, well, it’s survival of the fittest and I like my veggies to be slug/bug free or at least just not devoured by them – I would actually like to eat them.

To make up for the graphic images of the slugs meeting their untimely death I will end with some pics from around our yard……..


our Rudbeckia ready to open


alstromeria in bloom




this year we are trying upside down tomatoes – I’ll let you know how they work out.



our new ultra dwarf nectarine (haven’t even put it in the ground yet).


How is your garden doing?  Anybody else experiencing the destruction of our little garden foes?