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Living in California affords me with many advantages – especially being a mama, we have extra time off (in addition to FMLA) to be with our children (CFRA), we get paid part of our salary while we are out with our children (SDI, PFL) and when we do decide to go back to work there are laws protecting our rights as breastfeeding mamas (our employers are required by law to allow us time to pump and a lactation room to do it in).

Unfortunately my friends who live out of state don’t have these same rights or advantages. So there is a Breastfeeding Promotion Act to sign and send to Congress to urge our legislatures to sign this into law and help make it possible for women to continue nursing their babies even after they have returned to work.  This is what the Act would do…..

 amends the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to protect breastfeeding women from being fired or discriminated against in the workplace
• provides tax incentives for businesses that establish private, lactation areas in the workplace
• provides for a performance standard for breast pumps
• allows breastfeeding equipment to be tax deductible for families

Please click on the link and sign the petition to be sent to congress to get this Act approved.

For me, breastfeeding was a given.  I didn’t care where I was, who was around, etc.  I just knew my children were going to be breastfed regardless of what measures I had to take ( spending every lunch, and break in a closet in my office pumping – sooooo worth it!)   Unfortunately, not everyone is as accepting and some women feel embarrassed or modest about it and don’t feel comfortable nursing in public or asking their employers for a spot to pump.  So if we can get this Act to become National we can open up some avenues for women who may have given up on nursing upon their return to work, or worse yet not even tried because they knew they would have to stop once they returned to work.  Also I think it’s important, on a national level, for our society to move beyond the taboo and the stares when a woman nurses in public.  I remember sitting at a mall in Illinois and I sat down on a bench to nurse and people actually took double takes.  I was blown away.  I know where I live in California it’s the norm (I think people may get looks for giving a bottle as opposed to a breast) but I definitely felt some stares and sideway glances – as if they were saying “can you believe she’s not being more discreet or can you believe she’s doing that in public”.   Just a bit of a weird feeling (but of course it made me want to do it more – because it’s such a beautiful act and people should appreciate it and not fear it). 

Anyways, please sign and send off to our local legislature if you support the breastfeeding mamas.

Nurse on Mama’s!!