The strawberries keep coming!  Yippee!  If you read my post from earlier about the bugs eating our strawberries, you would have thought we would not be pulling in the crop that we are.  Our bug juice worked!  Doug gathers a bowl every morning and today I went out during my gardening time and saw the beautiful little ruby red jewels peaking through the green in the patch – what a lovely sight!


I love the imperfections of growing your own food.  The “perfect” fruits and veggies you find in the store seem (to me) to be nuclear looking.  Like they’ve been pumped with chemicals, given a shot of steroids and then dipped in wax.  I do find some “picture perfect” fruits and veggies in our yard but I love to find all the funky ones, the teeny tiny berries, the gnarled looking pepper – the “imperfect” ones – those are my favorites!


We headed back to the midwest for a week and during that time our lettuce bolted and got bitter, so I had to tear out that crop and sowed more seeds today (arugula, bibb, romain, and salad bowl).  I feel like I’ve been so crazy with other things that I haven’t been focusing on the garden so it was fun to play out there today.  I love to work in the garden with all the bees buzzing around me, the sun shining down on me, the kids playing in the dirt – it’s therapy. 

Here’s what I saw today….






What’s going on in your garden?