If you live in the San Fran Bay area you are aware of the heat wave we’ve been having and if you don’t, well, let me tell you it’s been HOT!  It’s been well into the upper 90’s and 100 by our house during the week.  Luckily we’ve been at the pool for swim lessons a lot but boy this heat can get to you.  So we decided to escape the heat this weekend and head to the beach. 

In Northern Cali it’s always cooler at the beach – by about 30 degrees during these heat waves.  It’s crazy!  We watched the temperature gauge in our car climb from 64 degrees at the beach up to 100 degrees by the time we pulled into our driveway!  I know it’s not completely accurate – but it’s pretty close.  

So Dillon Beach was the destination – and what a destination it is!  To get there we drive through farmlands, lots of dairy cows, sheep, goats, etc.  A lot of little farm stands, adorable old houses dotting the hillsides – it’s beautiful!  As you get closer you drive through the sleepy little town of Tomales, which if you blink you may miss it as you drive by and then you come down into the winding little street packed with little cottages as you pull up to Dillon Beach – so picturesque.

This is a great beach for dogs, kids, surfers, everyone.  As you can see by some of the pictures, there’s a nice layer of fog that envelopes you, the sun peaks through here and there.  It’s fun to watch all the surfers and skim boarders and this time I saw some paddle boarders out there too!

We did a lot of running from waves (that’s some coooold water!), a bit of falling into the water as we were trying to run from it, kite flying, chasing Milo (he had a blast!) rock collecting, digging, searching for treasures and just enjoying the salty air.

A much needed respite from the heat! 





a much needed rest for Milo



stopped by for a late lunch and a tall IPA – oh yummy!


I’d say they had a great day!

Hope you had a nice weekend.  What did you do to beat the heat?  Or are you having an unusually cool summer?

A little side note – I do love this heat for my peppers and tomatoes – I’m hoping I might see a red tomato soon!  Imagine that!