It’s been awhile now, that we’ve been saying we were going to build a new sandbox for the kids.  We have a little plastic crab that we picked up at the reuse center (that worked for a little while) but we noticed that the two of them could barely fit and then once you add a couple toys, etc. there’s really no room, as you can see.


So the other day while we were outside playing I grabbed a shovel and started digging the post holes.  I knew if I did that then we’d be forced to start building.  So yesterday we woke up – went out to get the bags of sand, and returned home to begin our project. 

Of course, it never goes as smoothly as you anticipate – but all in all it wasn’t so bad.  We had some leftover composite decking from both of our decks – so we used that (no splinters, no painting or staining and no rot). 

We’re all thrilled with the results…….





The kids can spend hours in the sandbox – it will be so nice to have a sandbox again for them to play in, explore in, imagine in, dig in and simply “be” in.