Every other weekend I have to work on Saturday’s.  It’s really a bummer – we LIVE for “family day” (that’s what we call the days we are all together).  Usually family day is all about fun!  Sometimes we do have to work around the house – but we can usually incorporate fun into that.  So on the weekends I work on Saturday we must make the most of the one family day (Sunday).  A couple weekends ago we wanted to escape the heat in the valley so we headed to the beach.  I wanted to try a different beach so we headed to Crissy Field in San Francisco.


why have we not been to this beach before?  Ridiculous!  This place is great!  You get more sunshine then the beaches in Bodega or Tomales.  Great dog beach and what a view!  Golden Gate Bridge on one side, Alcatraz on the other, and the exploritorium behind you – fabulous!






there is such an energy being there…. the energy from the city, the energy from the ocean, and the energy of the people – let’s just say we were all energized from being there….


afterwards we stopped off for a local IPA at The Marin Brewing Company, our usual stop on the way back from the city.  Gotta love a place that has a surf board with Jerry Bears displayed proudly on the wall!



It’s so important for us to have these days, away from the house, not being reminded of the piles of laundry or dishes glaring at you.  Just the four of us, being together, enjoying each other and our surroundings.  It’s food for our soul – it helps me to be a better mama.

What are some of your favorite “family day” adventures?  We even enjoy a simple “backyard adventure”, anything that gets us together and focused on the present moment.