I have been devouring buddhism and mothering books lately, I’m trying to remember to be present, to work on being mindful and to incorporate meditation into my everyday.  I am LOVING these books!  It has really helped me gain perspective on situations that arise and to remember to live in the moment (which means don’t beat yourself up about overreacting to a situation that happend, move on, learn from it and be mindful the next time a situation like that comes up).  This has really helped me be more of a “zen mama”.  Don’t get me wrong, I have my moments, as most of us do, but I am learning from those moments and moving forward.  I have a mantra written on the big chalkboard in our kitchen “In out deep slow calm ease smile release present moment wonderful moment”  this little manta, while breathing in and out and saying this in your head, literally takes a minute or so but as soon as you’ve said it, you are instantly in a new place.  I use this during my stressful moments (or what I am perceiving at the time to be stressful).  Once it’s done, I’m in a new space, a new person. 

So anyways, in trying to stay a zen mama and be in the present I decided we all needed a family getaway.  So at the last minute we headed out to Tahoe for a couple days.  What a wonderful idea (if I do say so myself).  Forget about the piles of laundry, the dishes, the multiple projects looming over our heads and just be together “in the moment” as a family.


We had the most wonderful time!  We hiked and saw magnificent views, walked everywhere we needed to go, played in the sand and in the freezing cold water (in both the lake and the pool – so much for a heated pool?!).  But at the time it didn’t matter, all that mattered was hanging out together.  Oh, how it rejuvenated my soul, our souls, communing with nature and envisioning the many years ahead of us coming back here. 






(this is how clear the water is!)

So, to all you mamas out there looking to get back to your zen state – get out with your family, even if it’s just for the day or a couple hours, forget about the hundreds of things waiting to be done at your house, enjoy the moment – we don’t get this time back.  Be present, be mindful, and don’t forget to go easy on yourself!  We are our worst critics. 

In Out

Deep Slow

Calm Ease

Smile Release

Present Moment

Wonderful Moment

It only takes a minute.

What have you done to be a zen mama, or to help live in the present?