We’ve been busy crafting for the kids valentines party at school. 

It always brings back such wonderful memories of elementary school and receiving valentines from the entire class and getting loaded on sugar from crappy candy!  Sounds awesome!  I think it’s just the innocence of it all, before you get older and start wondering if you’ll get a special something from your crush or will you be the only one that doesn’t get a valentine (man growing up is tough). 

I went today for a tour at a Charter School we are thinking of sending Ryder to.  The wave of memories and experiences flooded over me as well as the fear of what’s to come with my kids.  I have many fond memories of growing up and school but I also know how cruel kids can be and how tough adolescence is (especially now).  So as I watched the children arrive on the campus and greet each other and share high fives, a smile, an embrace, etc.  I noticed what a community feel there was at this school.  It was small, the classes went from Kindergarten through 8th grade, a couple of the older students sat in the middle of the campus with congo drums, drumming a steady rhythm to greet the students in the morning and all the students in the school gathered for their morning pledge of allegiance, their world peace pledge and announcements.  World Peace pledge!?  I thought to myself, this is a school I can see becoming a part of.  I continued to be pleased as the tour continued.  I left the school and felt, for the first time in a while since we’ve started this kindergarten search, a sense of relief and ease.  I no longer felt, Oh My God, what is going to happen to my sweet little boy amidst all of these older kids, how will he be influenced, will he be bullied, etc etc etc! 

I know I may over react a bit and the universe always has a plan and everything will work out – but oh the thought of leaving our perfect little universe at his current preschool – it just reaks havoc on my emotions!  I hope there are others out there feeling the same way (I know some of my friends feel this way too) but are there others of you, whom I don’t know, that feel this way or have felt this way and made it through this?

I know it will all work out and we’ll all survive – but….. I’m a mama and mama’s worry and mama’s don’t want their children’s innocence lost or their feelings hurt or the physical being hurt.  I try to remain grounded and centered and to breath……… we will get through. 

Happy Valentine’s Day/ weekend to you and yours.