I am officially addicted to youtube and crocheting!  Sounds like an odd combo but I have been using youtube to find all these patterns for crocheting.  My grandmother crocheted and always said she was going to teach me, but unfortunately I never learned from her (I was too “cool” to learn at the time and then she got sick and passed away around the time I would have LOVED to learn).  So I’ve always regretted not learning from her and one day about 6 years ago I decided I was going to figure it out.  My coworker, at the time, was an avid crocheter so I asked her to show me a few stitches (during a 10 minute break).  That was my lesson in crocheting.  So I bought a bunch of different size hooks and started to play around. 

Up until this point I’ve only been able to go in rows (so a lot of scarves have been made in the last 6 years).  But that gets boring.  So recently I decided to pick up my hooks again and try to figure out how to do more.  I am not really great with directions (this is why I am not a baker – I am a good cook – a little bit of this a little bit of that – tweak it so I like it) so reading some of the crochet books can be a bit intimidating.  So I’m not sure how or why I went to youtube, but I did, and I searched “how to crochet a hat” and tons of links came up.  Amazing!  So I just finished my second hat and even added a cute little flower to it!  I’m so jazzed about this – I’m ready to move on to a sleeveless sweater or something slightly easier like that.  Maybe I’m being a bit eager – but hey – why not?

So for right now, I’m really digging youtube and crocheting. 

Another “love” right now is Anna Maria Horner fabrics.  LOVE LOVE LOVE these patterns, and colors and combinations!  I wish I had more money and more time because I want to buy ALL the fabric and make dresses, skirts, pants, quilts, pillows, etc. with these beautiful fabrics.  For now I might just get some scraps for doing patchwork on my cousins’ new baby’s quilt. 

What are you drooling over these days?