here sits the Peace Crusader, The Environmental Warrior and The Green Warrior capes after a long day of fighting villains!

The Green Warrior in action

The Green Warrior and The Mini Peace Crusader take a well needed break to refuel for the next adventure.

Unfortunately The Peace Crusader and The Environmental Warrior (mama and dad) were very elusive and did not stop long enough for a photo 🙂

Ryder’s good buddy turned 5 and had a super hero birthday party – so mama spent a week putting together our alter egos – boy did we have fun.  A family that dresses in costume together stays together (I guess that’s not quite how the saying goes but you know what I mean).  I also made about 20 blank capes to have for the kiddos that didn’t have super hero capes so they could decorate their own.  I was a cape making machine. 

Super heroes unite!