I just purchased this book a few weeks ago – I have been eyeing it for some time and I had a credit at our local bookstore (b/c we have been attending A LOT of birthday’s and books are my gift of choice) so anyways – I treated myself to a new book. 

So long bread machine (not really but at least while I’m enjoying my new book and new recipes) hello hands working in gooey dough (or as Saige likes to call it “dough bread” – she is the first to pull up a stool and get in there).  I am LOVING the bread making process again…..

mix, wait, mix some more, knead, wait, punch down, wait, split put in loaf pans, wait, cook, smell the yummy smells, cut and enjoy 🙂  The basic recipe makes 2 loaves (which barely lasts our family a week).  I’m going to try to the rye recipe this weekend.  There is another recipe that calls for ricotta and olives and then wrap the bread around the filling (yum). 

I had to cheat about a week ago and purchase a store-bought loaf – sooooo very different!  But we’re back to our homemade loaves.

I would highly recommend this book  – there are so many wonderful recipes.

Happy bread making