As you may have read in an earlier post I am loving youtube.  With this love I have discovered how to knit – well at least a couple stitches – nothing fancy.  I have tried knitting in the past  and I just couldn’t figure out the two needle thing – going from crocheting with one hook, I just couldn’t get my hands working with two needles.  So what did I do you ask?  I went to youtube and googled how to knit.  For some reason watching this video and seeing the movement of the needles, etc – it just clicked. 

So down I go to the Yarn store in town and there are a group of lovely older gals sitting around the table knitting and one gets up to help me and she asks what I am looking for and my response is  “I am going to knit!”.  Just like that – this sudden exclamation – I didn’t quite know why it came out of my mouth and I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to knit (actually I did know what I wanted to knit – this absolutely gorgeous shrug, knit with this yummy alpaca, they have hanging in the store – which is partly the reason I decided I MUST figure out how to knit – but I certainly wasn’t going to say I wanted to knit that!) so I just exclaimed I’m going to knit!  

I had the sweetest lady helping me, so she kinda just looked at me and said “OK”.  Then I began to explain I had no idea and that I had just figured out how to knit and wanted to test out my skills, so she picked out a simple hat pattern and I found some beautiful yarn (it’s so soft I keep rubbing it against my cheek – yes I am a bit bizarre in my tactile obsession I’m a toucher – Doug is always making fun of how I must touch EVERYTHING) and then I got my first circular bamboo needle.  Off I went to embark on my new adventure…. knitting here I come!


I came home and immediately cast on…… and the next couple days, every free moment you could find me with my needles and yarn, until I got to the end of my skein – (yes I didn’t think this through completely and I only bought one since my plan was for a toddler hat and the last hat I crocheted for Saige I was able to do with less than 1 skein) and now I have not been able to get to the yarn store – every time I have tried they have been closed – it’s killing me.  I feel like I just must finish this hat, I’ll feel like I’ve conquered my knitting fear/envy. I think it might be a bit big for Saige – maybe it’ll fit her next fall (no biggie since we are now having this absolutely gorgeous spring weather right now and she won’t really be needing it). 

Beautiful chunky alpaca shrug I’m after you and you will be mine! (even if it takes me a year to complete)