In my quest to try to rid our lives of plastic (at least starting with plastic bags) I have started to crochet produce bags. 

Now I won’t say this is the quickest thing – but I am enjoying making these.  We have s0 many cloth bags for shopping but I always end up with plastic bags from our produce and it drives me crazy.  I was inspired by Farmama and her one small change.  She sewed up a bunch of bags for their bulk foods (this is my next step). 

You don’t even need to know how to sew, I just saw some produce bags for sale at Whole Foods the other day (for not that much) but of course that would be too easy for me 😉  But seriously, you can buy cloth bags and produce bags for a nominal fee and have them for ever.

Luckily summer is coming and I hope to be harvesting most of our produce from our yard, but of course you can’t pass up the farmers market to see what goodies they’ve got.  So my little bags will come in handy.

I’ve been buying in bulk much more (grains, nuts, dried fruit, etc), but now I have to work on reducing the other plastic packaging.   It’s everywhere, the bag of pretzels you purchase, the block of cheese, etc.   It’s crazy! 

Well, this is my next step I’m taking.  We’ll see where this leads us (what will be our next step)? 

What will your small step be?  Do you keep your cloth bag supply in all your vehicles so you always have them?  If not, make that your small step.  Keep a few cloth bags in each car and a couple in your house, so you always have them available. 

Keep stepping …..