The garden is looking good and keeping us busy.  Pretty much everyday that I am off I’m out there doing something (which I LOVE).  We recently purchased a bale of straw to help with weed control, retention of water and warming the soil – we now have our “urban farm” – WOW does a bale of straw go far!  We ended up using it in every square inch of the garden.  I’ve always wanted a farm 🙂

It has definitely helped with weeds, moisture and warming and I do actually like how it looks. 

We’ve been harvesting lots of arugula and lettuce and have re-sowed for another crop (I’m working on my succession planting).  Our potatoes are looking good, broccoli’s coming up, been harvesting our french breakfast radishes, the fava beans were planted late, but that’s ok, it will be great when they are mature (the kids love them).  I have a lot of plants that are almost ready to be transplanted (delicata squash, zucchini, watermelon, heirloom melon, eggplant, tomatillos, cucumbers, thai chili peppers, bell peppers and heirloom cherry tomatoes.  The temps at night were a bit warmer so I planted the 3 tomatoes that were ready to be transplanted and I have 2 more that are not quite ready for transplanting.  My goal this year was t try everything by seed.  We’ll see if that plan works.  I have a feeling I might be getting a couple plants at the nursery (and that’s ok).

I’ve been so busy working in the garden that I have forgotten about taking pictures – so those will follow this week. 

Here’s one I snapped the other day when I found this beautiful head ready for eating in the garden

I thought this was a beauty (I guess a couple bugs thought so too).

How’s your garden doing?  What have you been harvesting?  What are some of your faves?