We LOVE fava beans.  Mainly we either throw them on the grill with some olive oil, boil them quickly or roast them in the oven.  Then the fun part is popping them out of their shells and munching on them plain or in our salad.  The kids love them, they are like giant edamame to them.  But, as with anything you want to try new ways of eating/cooking them. 

I found a super easy, super delicious recipe in The Art of Simple Food (my go to bible cook book) for fava bean spread.  I had 5lbs of favas that I was looking to do something with so this was perfect.

shell 4 or 5 lbs favas

parboil for a few minutes

remove and put in an ice bath

remove the skin from the beans

return beans to pot and cook with some olive oil and about 1/2 C water (maybe a bit more – depending on the consistency you are going for), chopped garlic and rosemary.  Cook until beans are mashable.  I used a potato masher, you can use a fork or put it in a food processor.  I like to have some lumps.

Serve warm or room temp – spread on crostini or crackers – or like Ryder does, just eat it with a spoon! 

The vibrant green color is a beautiful addition to any meal.

We planted favas this year ( a bit late) so we will just begin our harvest in the next week – so I can’t wait to make more of this delicious spread.