I just stumbled upon this draft of a post I wrote in April.  I was just about to write a post about our garden so I’m going to start with my draft that never made it “live” and then I’ll continue with the status of the garden as of this past week.

April Post……

Yummy french breakfast radishes. 

I have been busily working away in the garden, every day off, every non raining day, that’s where you can find me – it’s been my therapy.  There is nothing better than being outside, alternating working in the garden and playing with the kids.  Their new fave thing is to draw on the driveway, race their bikes up and down and launch paper airplanes – so it’s perfect to be out front in the garden while they are laughing and playing.  The majority of our edibles are in our front yard (gotta work with Mother Nature – this is where we get the most sun) I wouldn’t change it – I love having our edibles up front for our neighbors to see and hopefully be inspired by. 

We have been harvesting our young lettuces and arugula which has been heavenly. 

We planted our favas a bit later than we should have, so they are going to be later than I would have liked – but nevertheless, we’ll have favas.  I always have good intentions of getting a cover crop going or getting a winter garden going – but when we are in the thick of the rainy season – I just can’t pull it together to get out there and plant.  Especially when it’s dark when I get home from work.  I vow, one year I’ll get it together and then I’ll probably be so happy about it that it’ll continue year after year.


The kids were excited to see the nasturtiums coming up a few days after planting them – those are totally rewarding plants to plant with kids – plus you can eat them!

We’re so stoked about the plans we have for this years garden, we plan on doing a lot more “intermingling” of our edibles and ornamentals to really utilize every square inch of yard.  We’ll keep you posted on that.  We are waiting for our seedlings to get bigger and the weather to warm up to transplant our summer veggies.  For now they hang in the mini greenhouse. 

While browsing the yard I was sad to see we have scale again on our Santa Rosa Plum

Doug used some horticultural oil over the winter – but I think it just got washed off in the heavy rains we had.  So he sprayed some more and since then it’s looking better.  I also found some peach leaf curl on our peach and nectarine.  So I hand picked every leaf and bagged it and trashed it and they are both looking much better.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

June update….

Well, remember that little nasturtium sprout above, here is what they are looking like now!  They are (to me) very happy looking plants – not quite sure what it is about them, maybe their round scalloped leaves or their beautiful little flowers or that star burst appearance of the veins

but they just make me happy. 

The other plants in this bed are our potatoes ( Yukons, purple peruvian, creamers and red).  This is my first year with potatoes – I didnt’ realize how big they would get, I must rethink their location for the next crop – I don’t think this is the ideal location or at least I need to move them in this raised area to another side (they are starting to shade some of my other plants.  We planted the tomatoes on the other side of the potatoes and ran some fencing across the back so the tomatoes can weave in and out of the fencing (a different method of staking – basically trellising – we did this with an orange tree too and it has worked great).  You have to get creative in a small space if you want to grow a lot.

I’m hoping that the potatoes will die back in time for the tomatoes to flourish – it’s all about trial and error around here.

By the way, the raised bed we made out of some rocks our neighbors were getting rid of (backyard remodel).  We had been looking for an old stock tank to use but couldn’t find one in time to start planting.  I actually like how this came out.  Another really rad idea is using straw bales.  Our friends over at A Sonoma Garden recently did this and I was over there last week and checked it out – sooooo cool!  Great seating and sometimes the non permanency is kind of nice – it gives you the chance to experiment and move things around.

We added to this new bed some hot peppers (annaheims, jalapenos, serranos and pasilla), some broccoli (the kids can’t get enough of this), rainbow chard and basil. 

The kids and I harvested our first bunch of french babettes. 

These were so delicious!  I’m working on my succession planting so there should be some more ready soon.

We continue to harvest head’s of lettuce -our lettuce love continues.

The guava’s are in bloom 🙂

You may have noticed my generous use of straw, it’s my attempt at my urban farm – Doug isn’t on board to packing it up and buying a farm in Wisconsin – he’ll come to his senses soon.  But until then, I have created my own mini farm.  It’s actually been great – it really helps keep the soil moist and is cost effective and has helped with weeds (and I get to pretend I live on a farm)

I was just told there are strawberries ready for picking tomorrow – yippee!

Here are just a few more pics of the goings on in the garden.  It’s been keeping us all busy – I LOVE it!

Happy Gardening to you.