Thursday we had fun tending to the garden and harvesting a couple yummy items…

The strawberries are final coming in and we have a few blueberries too 🙂  We only have 3 little blueberry bushes – one we planted last year and the other two are new, so we won’t be harvesting enough to make a pie but they sure are delicious to eat as an afternoon snack.

Ryder and I harvested all the favas – we got about about 7 lbs or so ( I should have weighed them but I was so excited to get them shelled and turned into that yummy fava spread I talked about here). But they are all out and now there’s room for some more goodies – edamame and kale.

one of the baskets we harvested ( I think there ended up being about 5 of these). 

Here’s a shot of the little nitrogen nodules on the root of the fava’s

those little white ball looking things are the nitrogen nodules that are so good for the soil.

now these plants will all go back to the soil (once they’ve spent a couple weeks and made a couple spins in the composter – which is now my work out for my quads – I’ll show pictures later but we took an old 50 gallon pickle barrel and drilled holes all around it and now I kick it across the yard a couple times each day – it cost $8 – much better than the hand cranked ones that are more than $100 and it’s a good workout!)

What have you been harvesting?